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What We Do

Giachetti Plumbing & Heating Corp. will engage in commercial and institutional plumbing and mechanical construction in New York City. The company is a signed up with Plumbers Local Union #1 NYC and Steam Fitters Local # 638 NYC.

Our mission at Giachetti Plumbing & Heating Corp. is to deliver the highest quality of service while providing the safest working environment for all of our employees, subcontractors and clients on each and every job site. This will be provided by a core group of dedicated, educated and highly motivated personnel whose core principle is “the client is the reason we are here”.

Giachetti Plumbing and Heating Corp. we believes in the hands on approach ensuring that there is an officer involved in each phase of construction. All officers are licensed Master plumbers in New York City, with a combined experience of over seventy years. The majority of officers are third generation plumbers and they have all worked their way up from apprentice. We believe this combination of experience and dedication creates a seamless and well run project that is greatly appreciated by our clients.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our experience has taught us that customer satisfaction is the number one reason behind a successful company. We achieve this through efficiency. We are hands on, we keep things simple and we keep the lines of communication open.

Giachetti Plumbing & Heating Corp. plans to focus on our most successful work program; hospital and commercial alterations. Our experience has given us a valuable niche in the industry, which we will discuss later and in detail in our Marketing Plan.

The plumbing industry in NYC is rapidly evolving. The union market share combined with the current state of the economy has left many people questioning the future. We, at Giachetti Plumbing & Heating Corp., see this as a great opportunity. Our small, yet efficient staff and low overhead make us extremely competitive and profitable in these uncertain times.

Our list of available services at Giachetti Plumbing & Heating consists of but is not limited to:

  • Commercial Alteration
  • Hospital Construction
  • New Construction
  • High End Residential Construction
  • Laboratory Construction
  • Backflow Preventer Certification
  • Jet Fuel Piping
  • Fire Suppression Piping
  • Mechanical Contracting